A person who wish to apply  may receive the application on paying the application fees to Puducherry Housing Board. With the prescribed certificates and  within the due date the applicant should submit the application to the Puducherry Housing Board. He must attach the cash receipt for the Earnest Money Deposit paid by him with the application

How do I apply?

Frequently Asked Questions.

The Board for the purpose of allotment of houses and flats shall issue a Notification    published   in  one  English     daily newspaper and   two   other vernacular  daily  newspapers,  in circulation in the region to which it relates, prescribing  such   terms  and  conditions  as  may be  fixed by the Chairman which  includes  the  tentative  cost  price of the house, plinth area, plot area, locality   in   which  scheme  is  proposed  or  constructed,  earnest money deposit  payable,  last date   for receipt  of   application,  percentage   of reservation, category of houses, etc., as may be deemed fit by the Chairman.    The cost of application for allotment of a house or flat and the cost of agreement for sale shall be payable by the allottee as per the rates fixed by Chairman from time to time.

When do I apply?

 The payments may be made at the Cash Counters  in the Main Office at Pondicherry or at the branch office at Karaikal either in cash/DD/Cheque.An official receipt will be issued for every payment indicating the details of allotee and payment. The Board for the convenience of the   allotees appointed Bill Collectors who regularly visit the scheme areas to whom the allotees may remit the cash to the Bill Collectors and get the official receipt.  

The applicant  has to pay 10% of the tentative cost of  the house while applying for allotment. On allotment the allotee has to pay 40% of the tentative cost within 60 days from the date of allotment. The balance 50% has to be paid within 6 days from the date of allotment.  The allotee has to pay final cost difference on intimation from the Board to allottee within the stipulated time mentioned in the intimation.

How do I make payments?

 The Board generally permits the allotee to go for few instalments  who could not pay the cost of house in one instalment. However the allotee may get the loans from other agencies like Govt. Deparment,  HUDCO Niwas, IndBank, CanFin  etc. to get the loan and Housing Board do not any objections. But while mortgaging the Housing Board will  be the first mortgagor.

Is there any financing schemes?

 On full payment of the Final Price fixed by the Board with interest any, the Board will be ready to sign the sale deed in prescribed format issued by the Board. The expenses towards the transfer of  property shall be borne by the allotee. The Board will also issue the no objection certificates for the transfer of electrical and water connection to the allotee's name.      

When can I get my absolute sale deed?

  The responsibility for the maintenance and keeping in good condition of an independent house shall rest with the allottee from the date of agreement for sale with the Housing Board.  In case of flats, the allottees should form an Association for the maintenance of flats in good condition.  In case if any flats are vacant in a block, the Board will also join as a member in the Association till such time that all the flats are disposed off by allotment.

The maintenance of external water supply and drainage will be done by the Board upto a maximum period of six months from the date of allotment.  Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the local authority to maintain these amenities and on failure the allottees should form an Association and take over the maintenance.  The Board shall hand over open spaces reserved for park and play grounds to the concerned Local Authority within six months from the date on which the houses are ready for occupation.

The allottee shall submit a Nomination in the prescribed form in favour of one of the members of his or her family.  In case of death of the allottee, the house or flat shall be transferred in favour of his/her nominee.  However, the allottee is at liberty to change the nomination during his/her life time.

 The  the cost of agreement for sale shall be payable by the allottee as per the rates fixed by Chairman from time to time. 

The other terms and conditions not specifically mentioned herein but contained in the application and in the agreement for sale which are not in derogation to the law of Transfer of Property in force may be read as part and parcel of these regulations. 

In all matters which are not specifically provided for in these regulations, the decision and the action of the Chairman shall be final and binding on all concerned.

What are the responsibilities of  an allotee?

           The Puducherry Housing Board after receiving applications from the applicants scrutinize the applications and rejects the ineligible applications. A Notice specifying the date, time, and venue of the drawls of lots shall be intimated to all the eligible applicants ten days before the drawl of lots either individually or through a notification published in the local English and Vernacular daily news papers or both.     The Board shall allot the houses/flats in accordance with the reservation pattern.           Lots shall be drawn in respect of reserved quotas first and all the applications remaining after such drawl of lots shall be added to the general pool and then the lots drawn for the general pool.

Houses set apart for reserved quota as referred to above, and which remain    surplus after allotment shall be added to the general pool.

             If the information furnished by the applicant is found to be false at any time, the allotment shall be cancelled and the entire amount paid by the allottee shall be forfeited and the house shall become the property of the Puducherry Housing Board. After drawal of lots, further lots shall be drawn to an extent of twenty five percent, as waiting list.

The lists of successful applicants including the waiting list shall be displayed on the Notice Board of  the Puducherry Housing Board office.

After the allotment of a house or flat is finalised, the Chairman or any officer authorised by him in that behalf, shall issue a provisional allotment letter to the allottee subject to such terms and conditions as may be specified therein.

The Earnest Money Deposit shall be refunded in full to all the unsuccessful applicants including those in the waiting list, after completing the allotment of all the houses or flats in a particular scheme. The Earnest Money Deposit of successful allotees will be  adjusted towards the cost of the house.

How  Allotments are made?

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