Citizen Charter




             Housing is one of the three basic amenities and meeting this basic needs is the goal of the Puducherry Housing Board, a corporate body, established in 1975.

             As a part of transparency in its administration, a Citizens’ Charter is formulated for Puducherry Housing Board to make its activities wide open to the public in general and to the shelterless population in particular.  The Puducherry Housing Board Act 1974 and the Puducherry Housing Board Rules 1975 guide the Board in accomplish its responsibilities.

             The motto of the Puducherry Housing Board is “to construct homes and not houses, to build communities and not colonies”.

The Board functions under a Chairman appointed by Government with the following members:

-                      Secretary (Housing),  

-                      Secretary (Finance),

-                      District Collector-cum-Secretary (Revenue),

-                      Chief Engineer, Public Works Department,

-                      Director of Health and Family Welfare Service,

-                      Chief Town Planner

-                      Three non-official members appointed by the    Government.

The terms an conditions of employment of the staff and officers of Puducherry Housing Board are as applicable to the employees of the Union Territory of Puducherry Housing Board.


Citizen Charter (PDF File)

House for ALL


(A Government of Puducherry Undertaking)