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                 The  Puducherry Housing Board was constituted under  a special  enactment viz. the Pondicherry Housing Board  Act,  1973 (No.7 of 1974) with the assent of the President of India and also with  an  avowed  object  to mitigate  the  housing  shortage  by promoting housing and improvement schemes in the Union  Territory of Puducherry. The Board started its functioning from May 1975. 


             Puducherry Housing Board is premier housing agency in the Puducherry Union Territory formed with an aim to provide house to the shelterless poor people. It also builds houses for middle income and high income categories.           The  Puducherry Housing Board has so  far  constructed 4971  houses  out  of which 830 is for EWS of  the  Society.   In addition  to the construction of houses, the Board has  developed 320  plots  and sold to the general public. 

           The schemes are normally promoted with the financial assistance of financial institution viz. HUDCO.  Sometimes the schemes are carried out by Board’s own funds. The execution of works is supervised by Puducherry Housing Board, while the execution is carried out with the assistance of outside contractors.

Administration of the Board:    

             The  Board  comprises of ten members;  six  ex-officio, three  non  official  members and a Chairman.  In  order  to oversee the day to day functions  of  the Board,  a  full time Secretary is appointed.  He  is  functioning under the leadership of the Chairman.  The Board is having  three wings viz. Administration/Accounts, Engineering and Estate  Wing.  The  Administration/Accounts  Wing  is headed  by  the  Financial Adviser  &  Chief  Accounts  Officer,  Engineering  Wing  by  the Executive Engineer and Estate Wing by the Development Officer.


Finance of the Board :

           The Board is implementing various housing schemes.  The finance  for  these schemes are derived from three  sources  viz. Seed  Capital  assistance  received from  Govt.  of  Puducherry, borrowing   from  financial institutions and initial deposit received from the allottees.                                      

          The  Govt.  of  Puducherry  has  been  extending  Seed Capital  and  Grants to the Housing Board in order  to  meet  out certain portion of establishment expenses and in order to  bridge the  shortage  between  the resources  and  expenditure  for  the housing   schemes.   However  from  1998-99  the   Seed   Capital assistance was given for promotion  of EWS and LIG dwelling units under Govt. of India Two Million Housing Programme          

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